What We're All About

Growing a hardware business is indeed “hard.” The challenge really comes down to access to capital. Somewhere between the launch phase and scale-up, Hardware Startups enter into financing purgatory. In this stage you typically have two options: One – You can chase down debt. The issue with debt for a young company is typically loan size and interest rate. Two – You can chase down investors. This option can often lead to wasted cycles or lopsided dilution. Angel investors aren’t typically excited about a huge outlay of cash for startups where the costs grow proportionally with revenue.

This is where we come in. As former hardware founders ourselves, we weren’t satisfied with these options (or lack thereof). At DIF we purchase inventory on your behalf, take on the financial liability, and partner on the profits. It’s as straightforward as it sounds.


Our Approach


What We Do

The DSCN Inventory Finance Program purchases inventory on your behalf and allows you to grow your business by selling that inventory over a prescribed amount of time. Instead of subjecting your business to high pressure, predatory loans, DIF invests in your success through your product. We split profits on the sales you make without any monetary risk or investment on your end.


Why We’re Different

We truly see ourselves as partners in your business. We have no interest rate, and we will never put your company in peril. If you don’t sell the inventory in the set amount of time, we will either sell the inventory through our own channels or we’ll allow you to continue your sales efforts for a longer period of time. Once the first round of DIF is over, you can choose to continue with another round of DIF or finance your inventory on your own – no strings attached!


Want To Work Together?

We have an evaluation process to determine if you and your company are right for the DIF Program. Please apply online at www.dscncapital.com.

DIF helped us free up critical cash for platform expansion and customer acquisition, accelerating the growth of our business.

– Yashar Behzadi, Founder, CEO

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much revenue does my company need to qualify?

$500,000 minimum (trailing 12 months)

We have great sales, but are unsure of our Cost Per Acquisition?

CPA is a key component for us. We like to see Startups with an established Cost Per Acquisition. If you can justify the projections of future CPA, even better!

How do you view manufacturing capabilities?

This is a core component to any good hardware Startup. We will dig in with you, and make sure that your manufacturing partner can scale with demand.

Do you guys help with distribution?

In some cases we can add significant value to your channel distribution. However, we do expect that you have a scaled solution coming in.

Obviously you guys want to make a return. Where do you need COGS to be?

We like COGS to be 50% or below MSRP. (We also include CPA into your COGS)